My Story

In February 2009,  I fell in love with my Scentsy warmer and scents, and I joined knowing I would be my biggest customer. I also knew Scentsy would be good gifts, and that everyone else would love them as much as I did. And I was right. I don't "sell" Scentsy, I share my love of these amazing products and the sales part comes easy. I have never had to strong arm a sale. People love Scentsy and I get flagged down in parking lots because of the Scentsy logo on my car!

What's great about Scentsy is that I can fit my business into my life without feeling like a job. I work in Special Education at an Elementary School, and I have 2 teenagers. I'm a single mom, so I don't have a lot of extra spare time, yet Scentsy fits in and allows me to make extra money to help with bills. My kids are a great help with my business and I don't feel like I'm missing out on time with them.

Scentsy has brought so much joy into my life. The fun adventures traveling to conventions and leadership retreats are full of memories to last a lifetime. Friends I have made along the way, being other consultants and customers are people dear to my heart. I have grown in my confidence as a person and have spoken at Scentsy events. And I'm building a business that will grow and support me.

Thank you so much for visiting my website. I'm happy to help answer any questions you have and would love to host a party with you or help you join my team.

I am truly thankful for my Scentsy journey so far. What a blessing it has been to me. And the best is yet to come!