My Story

In February 2009,  I fell in love with my Scentsy warmer and scents, and figured I might as well purchase them from myself. I knew they would be good gifts, and that everyone else would love them as much as I did. And I was right.

I started actually selling the products, without feeling like a salesperson. I was just sharing my love of the products. Then I started recruiting. Why not help others share the love too? My team started to grow. I saw how this business didn't feel like business. It was fun! How could a "job" be fun?

My first light bulb moment came at my first Scentsy event, World Tour. I caught the Scentsy Spirit. I set goals, and reached Director that year. I started traveling to Conventions in the Summer (new cities I had never been to!) and Spring Sprints.

My next big light bulb moment came at Boot Camp for Directors. I realized my "why" and found focus. I worked on me physically, so that I had more to give my family and my team. I made friendships with other Directors that week and appreciate their support and encouragement.

And  in January, my hubby and I went to Cancun for Leadership Retreat. That trip was amazing, and 6 years ago I would never have imagined us being on a trip like that. I see my future with Scentsy Family, and it's bright!
What started as a love of the products has gained me friendships, traveling adventures and a renewed faith in myself. I'm not just a "Mom" anymore, I am a business owner leading a growing team.

I call the Scentsy Family the fun bus. It's full of fun people, traveling to fun places and will eventually take me to my final destination (my goals). I would love for you to grab a seat on the fun bus and come along for this fun ride!

I am truly thankful for my Scentsy journey so far. What a blessing it has been to me. And the best is yet to come!